Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Harvey County United Way is mobilizing communities to create lasting changes which improve lives.

Diversity Statement

We believe that an inclusive and diverse environment will encourage the original thought, innovation and quality service necessary to support services and community impact to Harvey County. Our commitment to diversity will help us enhance the performance by:

  • understanding the market we serve
  • providing the most effective products and services to our customers
  • attracting and retaining the best employees, volunteers and programs

To achieve our goals, we support a diversity philosophy that is greater than gender or race. We believe a holistic and systemic approach to diversity will help us achieve our goals. We strive to create goals and initiatives that make sense for our community, the citizens of Harvey County and reflect our values, and maintain an eye for diversity. We want our volunteer and staff population to mirror our service population. This way, we can better serve our broad customer base with employees who represent a diverse society.

Where We Focus Resources

We focus on EDUCATION INCOME and HEALTH. We believe these are the building blocks of a good life, so we make strategic investments in those areas with the following activities:

  • Community Investment: Annual grants made to local programs addressing community problems such as Kindergarten readiness, access to health care, child care scholarships, bridging out of poverty, aging in place and responding to child abuse.
    • Click HERE to see a current list of funded programs
    • Click HERE to access the grant funding guidelines and application
  • Community Impact Projects: Launched in 2015, the Literacy Initiative is in Phase One: Early Reading. Donations from the community fund Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and KidFEST.
    • Click HERE to access the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library registration form
  • Community Impact Investments: Each year, the board entertains mini-grant requests from area non-profit, government and school organizations. Projects range from a water line to the Giving Garden to suicide prevention training to sound equipment at a youth center.
    • Click HERE to see a list of recently funded programs
  • Disaster Response: Life can change in an instant. Whether the event is a tornado, flood, wildfire, or active shooter, we are there to help each community respond and rebuild.
  • Referral Assistance: Most people who call have never had to look for resources before. We listen with compassion, educate about area resources, and encourage calls to the 2-1-1 line for additional support.
    • Click HERE for more information on 211
    • Click HERE for the link to the Harvey County Resource Guide
How We Complete Our Mission

United Way connects people and organizations that bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done. We invite you to join us in being part of the change by:


Give. Just as easy as it sounds, it's about putting your money to good use for the good of your community.

Advocate. A fancy word for speaking up for what you believe in. Luckily, advocating is not about Democrat vs. Republican; it’s about understanding our local and national barriers and coming together to break them down. It can also mean advocating for an individual or a cause. We help you make your voice heard.

Volunteer. It is lending a helping hand. Get out there, join a board of directors, serve as an ally in Circles or CASA, clean up a playground, or mentor a third grader. Volunteer opportunities can be a day of service, or an ongoing relationship. The options are many, but the results are boundless!

We will need your help though. We need you to LIVE UNITED.