Our Relationship with United Way Worldwide

All United Way's are autonomous "Grass Roots" organizations. Your local board of directors exercises full control of the local United Way. The United Way is not a chapter of any state or national fund-raising organization. It does, however, hold membership with United Way Worldwide.

Membership has its benefits in the following ways:

  • Use of a logo and theme lines, which are immediately recognizable worldwide.
  • Access to research, supplies, and networking with other local United Ways and training opportunities.
  • 20% return of membership fees in the form of flex credits to be used for conferences and trainings by staff and board members.
  • Adherence to the top industry standards for financial management, governance and accountability, meaning assurance for donors that this organization is solid and growing. The cost of membership is calculated on 1.0% of the gross amount pledged to the local United Way campaign.
Our Relationship with United Ways of Kansas

There are 27 United Ways from across the state maintaining membership in the state organization, United Ways of Kansas. This group work hand-in-hand to make state-wide change and pool our resources to complete state-wide initiatives. Examples include legislative advocacy work, trainings and disaster response.