A fancy word for speaking up for what you believe in.

The need for assistance in our community remains historically high in these difficult economic times, making the need for unified support for the disadvantaged and more important than ever.

Luckily, advocating is not about Democrat vs. Republican; it’s about understanding our local and national barriers and coming together to break them down. It can also mean advocating for an individual or a cause. We help you make your voice heard.

Speak out: With United Way, advocating is about raising awareness, generating conversations, and supporting solutions that can make a lasting and positive difference in our community and region.

Join us: Advocate for an education, income, health or basic needs and causes that you are passionate about. Our community needs engaged citizens that want to stand up, be heard and make a difference.

Harvey County United Way participates in local, state and Federal public policy advocacy when the work:

  • Is related to the core building blocks of education, health and income;
  • Has direct impact on the residents of Harvey County; and
  • The policy has been approved by the Board of Directors.


Public policy advocacy conducted by Harvey County United Way is typically done in coordination with the United Ways of Kansas and/or United Way Worldwide. Both of those groups actively research state and Federal policies, providing information for board review prior to this organization’s participation.

Harvey County United Way does NOT endorse political candidates at any level.