United Way Coloring Contest

The Harvey County United Way Coloring Contest is a great opportunity for local children to create and submit their original designs. Later this summer, HCUW staff will go through all submissions, choose the top 10, and then post them on our Facebook page to let the public decide the winner of the contest. The winner will have their design printed on a limited-edition mug that will be available to donors to HCUW as well as community members.

Contest rules:

  1. Submissions are only accepted from school aged children residing in Harvey County.

  2. All designs must remain inside the outermost box.

  3. All submissions become property of Harvey County United Way to be published, printed, and distributed as they see fit.

  4. A signature is required from a parent or guardian to be eligible for the contest. A signature page can be found with the download.

  5. Be creative! Your design doesn’t have to look like our logo. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

All submission can be mailed to Harvey County United Way at:

500 N. Main St., Ste 206

Newton, KS 67114